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SLO Game Details

Here is how you can pay in advance for your games (questions – email Don Alderman at We are now issuing punch cards that contain 10 games at $7/game. For online advance payment please note that there are two dropdown menus in the payment section. Please be careful on cell phones because the dropdown is not easy to see. The first is a choice between $7 for Senior Center members or $10 for non-members. The next dropdown to the right allows you to select from the default of 10 to as few as 1 or as many as 50 multiples of either the $7 or $10 you selected on the left. You will be issued a punch card with up to 10 games at $7/game on each card, but not for $10/game for non-members. (Some might elect to have a punch card for fewer than 10 games.) Make sure your name is on the card because it is equivalent to cash and must be kept safe.

Alternatively, you can pay for a punch card with a check at the game for as many games as you would like, just as you can online via PayPal or Venmo or credit card. (Using checks to pay at the game saves us up to 3% in fees.) We strongly prefer to not accept cash any more. The only exception to cash is the infrequent out of town drop in player(s) whom we will accommodate to the greatest extent possible. If your game fees account is not a multiple of $7 due to our fee increase from $6 to $7, please bring a check with you to make the adjustment. John J. Fields, Club Manager, or Don Alderman, Treasurer will have a record of your balance.

Pay to Play. Please choose multiple games, such as 10 or more, to help reduce our fees.