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Need a Partner for one of our BBO Virtual games? On tournament day, when you see a tournament listed, click on it and you’ll see the usual tournament registration screen. At the top of the window look for a tab named Partnership Desk. Here is where you can post your name if you are looking for a partner, or see names of others who are seeking a partner.

SLO (Monday 12:30 & Friday 12:30):

Please be certain to email Don Alderman directly for all partnership requests for SLO.  He gets your email immediately on his “smart phone.”

Contact Don

He has the group email on his phone and can send your partnership request out immediately.  This could be especially beneficial if it is “last minute.”

When you need a partner and see the group email partner request, if you click on reply or the reverse arrow, no one will see your reply.  You must compose a new email or just call the requestor.

The body of the email needs to include how you wish to be contacted (email, phone, telegraph).  It is desirable to add your mp total or special conventions you like to play.  That way Don merely copies and pastes this information into the group email partner request.

Please do not omit the contact info so that Don does not have to hunt for that information in a previous email or find your email in the sender’s email drop down.  It wastes his time and he may have to send you an email asking for more information, thus causing delay.

Five Cities Duplicate Bridge Club (Thursdays 12:30):

Partnership requests for the Thursday afternoon Five Cities DBC game go to Deb Cameron at: 760-468-2078 or

Five Cities Bridge Lessons and Games (Wednesdays 12:20):

Partnership requests for the lessons and games at Wednesday afternoon Five Cities Bridge go to Tom Snow at: 805-305-5035 or

Paso Robles (Monday 12:40 & Thursday 12:40):

Any PRDB Club partnership requests need to go to  Carolyn Bell (805/238-0337) no e-mail.