San Luis Obispo Duplicate Bridge Club

Board Minutes for 29, 2012


The meeting was called to order by Bill Ringbom, President, at 4:05p.m.Board Members Bill Donovan, Mary Neal, Judy Obermeier, Bill Ringbom, Dolores Soll, and Jean Wilson were present as well as Barbara Weiss, Manager.Gene Edgerton was absent.


Minutes of the January 13, 2012 meeting were reviewed and approved.


Treasurerís Report:No Treasurerís report was available as the meeting was held before monthís end.(The meeting date was changed for the purposes of discussing information noted below under New Business.)


Old Business:†† (1) Barbara will begin asking next Monday for volunteers to provide food for the Sectional Friday games.The request for volunteers will specify categories of refreshments needed.The $50 from the Unit plus any other donations will be used to purchase additional items.Dolores will shop at Costco.Volunteers will also be requested to set up the food for afternoon and evening games.(2)Barbara reported Marian Middleton wants to do lunch on Friday, February 17.Barbara will purchase ham, escalloped potatoes and salad.(3) We again discussed ways to get our Monday game starting on time.Barbara will ask for help to get table markers, pencils, and bidding boxes on the tables in advance of the meeting so people will know where to sit.(4) Because sporadic computer problems persist, Bill R. will investigate available computer prices before our next meeting. We need a computer with 3 or 4 ports.(3)The dealing/shuffling machine will not be used for the Sectional in A.G.


New Business:(1) At the request of the Department of Parks and Recreation, Bill Ringbom met with their representative Casey Fodness.Parks and Rec are apparently concerned that they arenít showing any income for use of the facilities during the time our bridge group meets in the closed Center and they now have a group wanting to rent the facility on Wednesday nights.Bill has tentatively agreed that our group will play in a smaller room on Wednesday evenings with the proviso we have a key to the small room and access to needed materials in the large room.Parks and Rec will probably ask that we, and the unit for Saturday games, pay the $1.00 table fees directly to Parks and Rec rather than to the Senior Center.It is also possible that we may have to start setting up and taking down our own tables again.The arrangements will be finalized in March.In the meantime we will proceed with the benefit game for the Senior Center, charging $5 a person and using a membership game to provide additional points.(2) Judy suggested we consider charging $5 for every game.The consensus was to keep the $4 fee for now.(3) It was moved, and seconded, that we change our Board meeting dates to the second Friday of each month to avoid most tournament dates.The motion was unanimously approved.(4) Bill Donovan volunteered to attend Senior Center Board meetings as our Club representative.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.The next meeting will be after the game on the second Friday in March - March 9, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

Dolores Soll, Secretary