San Luis Obispo Duplicate Bridge Club, Board Minutes for July 4, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Bill Ringbom, President, at 4:00 p.m. Present were Board Members Mary Neal, Judy Obermeier, Kandi Osborne, Bill Ringbom, Dolores Soll and Jean Wilson, and Director Mike Shipsey..

Minutes of the June 6 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Treasurerís Report: Mary reported a balance of $3,170.51 as this date. Income exceeded expenses this past month by $36.66. The NAOP games $196 to our regular fees, totaling $264 for one month. Six more NAOP games are scheduled for August.

Club Managerís Report: Barbara Weiss submitted her report previously via e-mail indicating that she had arranged with Barbara Hardin to direct Friday games on an interim basis. (Barbara Weiss has just moved and needs some time off. She will however, as reported by Mary, continue as manager during this time.) (Two players objected to the change in directors for Friday and left the game until a change was made. However, the Board decided to go ahead with the director as presently scheduled.)

Old Business:

Move to Ludwick Center: (1) A cabinet and supplies will be moved on Thursday, July 10, by Mary Neal and her husband. If the cabinet we are taking needs additional shelves, Bill will put them in as needed. (Mary and her husband are also moving the Bingo cabinet and supplies.) (2) We will indicate to Parks & Rec. that we will need the Center until 10:15 on Monday and Wednesday evenings. (3) We will not be able to store food overnight at Ludwick so will need to bring in any refreshments at the time of each game. (4) Parks & Rec. will set up the tables for each game, so the question arose whether to continue to pay the $25 setting-up fee to the director for Wednesday evenings. The consensus was to continue as is for the time being.

Ann Dyer Week trophy: Mary has the Ann Dyer trophy and will have it engraved with Dixie Hsuís name. We need to get a new trophy for the 99er winner, Diane Filipponi. The Unit pays for trophies and the Club pays for engraving. It was decided that Kandi should ask the Unit for plaques (rather than trophies) for Ann Dyer and Janice Vivrette awards. We can also consider getting small "trophies" in the form of utilitarian items, such as key chains for example.

New Business:

Board Member Terms/Nominating Committee: Elections will take place at the annual meeting in September: The terms of Kandi, Dolores, and Sandy are expiring. Terms of Mary, Judy, Bill, and Jean will continue for another year. Dolores and Kandi agree to another two year term, if re-elected. Bill will check with Sandy to see if she is available for another term. There was a discussion of other members who might be contacted and asked to run, if needed. Bill will serve as Nominating Committee Chairperson and will announce the opportunity to nominate candidates at the August pizza game.

Director Responsibilities: Bill handed out the Director Responsibilities, revised to include the posting of game results in the binders he has set up for each game. Bill and Barbara W. had a discussion on this requirement. Mike Shipsey has prepared instructions for printing the necessary report on the desktop of the computer. There was considerable discussion about, and appreciation expressed for, all the work Mike does for the Club, including sending the monthly report of game scores to ACBL using his own credit card.

Other New Business: Kandi suggested that we consider paying $150 for someone to take the directorís course. Mike suggested that we raise the idea at the Unit meeting. Kandi will send Gary an e-mail suggesting that the Unit sponsor one or more people taking the course. We can offer support.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:03 p.m. The next meeting will be on Friday, August 2, after the game.

Respectfully submitted,

Dolores Soll, Secretary